NOT Ltd – Occupational Therapy on the West Coast

NOT Ltd is a comprehensive and compassionate Occupational Therapy service making a real difference.

Communities are often far flung and remote, so we offer flexible OT services to keep you safe, secure and independent in your own home.

We don’t fly or drive in from Christchurch or Dunedin… NOT Ltd is based in Grey Valley. So…local then.

Whether you or a loved one needs support with mobility, accessibility, medical driving assessments or anxiety management, NOT Ltd offers a comprehensive OT service to consumers throughout the West Coast and Nelson/Tasman.

“A Physiotherapist will help you get to the door…an Occupational Therapist will help you go through it”

Hands on assistance from Notia Occupational TherapyOur Goals

NOT Ltd recognises each consumer as an individual. We take a holistic and non-judgemental approach to Occupational Therapy, asking the right questions to create meaningful solutions.

We work with a range of different local and national agencies navigating potentially complex interventions. Often we are asked to revisit and bring our energy to seemingly stuck and protracted processes.

We can give a fresh professional view and work with all parties to bring about a satisfactory conclusion for the consumer.

NOT Ltd takes the time to build relationships with other local community enterprises in the health field. See a few of our colleagues here

And… because we’re a private and independent service provider, we offer our services in a timely manner –

So…. no sitting on a waiting list for months then!

Your Expectations?

Ok, so you have made a referral… what happens next?

  • Once we receive a referral, NOT Ltd will contact you to talk about the details and your needs and funding
  • We will then, if appropriate, make an Initial Assessment appointment, usually about 1hr long and come to see you
  • Based on the Initial Assessment, we will then recommend a course of action or intervention to you or advise as to why we are unable to assist you.
  • If you agree with our proposal, then we will ask you to sign our Terms of Engagement form and confirm that appropriate funding is in place
  • And that’s it..! We will provide reports as required to keep you informed and answer any questions you have.