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Medical Driving Assessment

Medical Driving Assessment An Occupational Therapist considers a person’s condition and the impact of this and their medical fitness to drive.

Moving & Handling

Notia OT services provides training for staff and supervisors. We review your current policies and procedures, working with you and staff to develop risk assessments and handling plans.


When a child shows delays in mastering typical activities, or displays unusual or disruptive behaviour, the OT is often the first professional to work with them.

Primary Health Services

Supporting health and well-being in order for people to remain well at home for longer is a strong theme in this climate of change in our health service.
Occupational Therapy is integral in enabling this vision

Rest Home Services

The (UK) National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has highlighted the importance of having such (OT) expertise when looking after elderly and vulnerable patients

Consent Form

We need your consent for the collection and release of information.
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Sensory Integration – OT’s and Children

So, what do OT’s do? – Linda Wilson